Guide to Buying School Supplies and Stationery Judiciously!

Apart from the school fees, school supplies are the other major expense that parents have to incur at the beginning of every academic year. While some school and art supplies are used quickly and need to be refilled every few months, some lie redundant at the bottom of the closet all year round. Read these quick tips to help you purchase school and art supplies more judiciously.

See, Think, Analyze and then Buy

Before the start of each academic year most schools generally provide parents with a list of school supplies and stationery items that have to be purchased. The most common school and art supplies that are needed are note books, drawing books, pens, paper, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, glue, geometry box, colouring paints or crayons, folders and other such items. These school supplies and stationery items are essential in the first few years of the child’s school going years and as the child moves ahead academically, some school and art supplies like crayons, sketch pens, drawing books are no longer needed and are replaced by new ones like painting brushes, protractors, compass, graph books etc.

This is where, before purchasing new school and art supplies it is always a good idea to think and analyze if every stationery item on the list will be used by the child or not. Secondly, first looking through the closets at home for any stationery items that you already have is a good idea to avoid buying the same stationery items again and again. Also, some school supplies and stationery items like poster colours, folders, painting brushes can be used the next year as well, so always check what all can be used again from the last year’s school and art supplies stock.

Buy in Bulk to Save Money and Time

Buying stationery items in bulk means that you not just save time and energy spent in making periodic trips to the stationery shop but you can also end up saving more money. Most online stationery and supplies websites offer extra discounts on bulk school supplies purchases and combo offers. So, buy school supplies which we will be used more often like pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers, chart papers etc in extra quantities. This way you will always be prepared for any sudden depletion of your school and art supplies stock and for any surprise projects or home work.

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