Time to Choose Your Jewelry

Your dress, hair and make-up are all planned to perfection. Now what about those finishing touches? Time to choose your jewelry – and perhaps takes advantage of the gem’s therapeutic properties………

Gemstones have been on endless source f awe and wonder for mankind for many thousands of years. These naturally occurring minerals are exceptional at both of their beauty – hence the terms ruby lips, diamond eyes and pearly skin and their rarity.

They have used though out the world and time immorally to create and complement beauty, bring healing in various forms and even less cheerfully to decorate the dead. During much of history the jewelry made from them has also been worn as a sign of social rank.

Gemstone therapy has become very popular in recent years. Claimed to be an alternative technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns, the theory is that gemstones carry vibration rates also change.

The effects, as many will apparently testify, can be very potent. While rubies are the gems which will help you open your heart, jade is ideal for relaxation and black any will help change bad habits-a good one for after the honeymoon when your new has bandies still leaving the toilet seat up…

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