Long-Term Care Insurance – The Positive Impact it Has on Your Family

At the time of a long-term care crisis, families are not necessarily drawn together with a positive impact. More often than not they are torn apart. At the time of crisis, decisions are made hastily, just to get through the moment.

Let’s look at what can happen to a young family when a long term care event occurs. Out of the blue a seemingly perfectly healthy young Mom suffers a stroke. She survives the stroke, but will need months of rehabilitation and care at home. The children are still in school and busy with school and outside activities.

The Mom’s parents are retired, healthy and live about 3 hours from their daughter. They now start traveling back and forth and staying for long periods to help. They love their daughter, but feel that their retirement dream of playing golf and living a less hectic life is slipping away.

The father who has been working toward a promotion is continuing to work. However, he has been missing many days of work due to taking over the additional family and household responsibilities and the caregiving of his wife. The kids life goes on with some major changes. Their Mom is now busy getting herself well and their responsibilities have increased. They are now involved in preparing meals, household chores and being a good support staff for their father and grandparents.

No one knows if or when long-term care may be needed in one’s family. No one likes to think about what devastation this event can have on the family. Sometimes, when people do think about it, they then immediately put it out of their minds because of how unpleasant the thought makes them feel.

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