How Valuable Are Expired Domain Names?

Domain names are expiring by the thousands each and everyday. In many cases, their owners either forget to renew them, or have decided to let the domain expire for business or personal reasons. Expired domains are beneficial to those looking to take advantage of its existing traffic, backlinks and directory listings by buying these dropped domain names.

A significant number of these expired domain names have websites that have been heavily promoted and still generating a substantial amount of traffic that you can redirect to other websites. These domains are very important to website owners with niche sites, or those looking for a way to get cheap and instant traffic. For example, affiliate marketers are always building landing pages for promoting new products to capitalize on early commission earnings on that product. One of the ways to inject traffic to that site is through expired domains. Although some of the visitors generated from the redirect traffic might be completely unrelated to the visitors’ interest, these visitors are important to those who believe that a certain percentage of them are going to end up purchasing a product or service. So, expired domain names are merely a free traffic source which can be converted to revenue for an online business.

But, expired domains have also brought about new ventures such as websites that exclusively deal in providing information, and helping buyers acquire expired domain names. For example, provides dropped domain information to domain investors and SEO experts at basic plan rate of $49.95 a month. This is an online business venture which is given birth to by the growing value of expired domains names. It is highly recommended you explore these website sources to learn more about dropped domain names, and the kind of opportunities and business ideas they may provide in the quest for online success.

A domain name with traffic can be quickly setup to generate passive income by allow ads to be placed on them. Expired domains can run Adsense or any ad service of your preference, or you can simply use a domain parking service for placing ads on the domain. For this reason you will want to pay close attention to domain name ratings in the top search engines and also the amount of backlinks it has.

Going Big With Expired Domains

Although this idea may seem overwhelming, building a website using that dropped domain can be even more rewarding. A domain name which has already established a search engine rank and is receiving traffic, is like building a house on a pre-built foundation. Much of the hard work is already done; you just have to continue building on it. By building on the domain name around its current related visitor traffic, you will have your work cut out for you.

If this idea manages to entice a novice into acquiring expired domains, developing that domain means you will have to find a hosting service and learn about building a website. Now it may sound like a scary and costly task, but it’s not. There are many cheap website hosting services and easy website building applications like WordPress to help you get your website online.

With a website which already has incoming traffic, you can quickly use that to your advantage by tapping into sources of revenue which can be generated from a website. You can sell links to other websites owners, or sell advertising space to others in your related niche.

An important rule to remember, especially for those new to the domain name business, is to keep an eye out for valuable domains. Not all expired domain are worth the time and money, so be sure to check for domain age, old domains are predominantly more worthwhile. Find domain names that are producing search engine traffic, and has well established incoming links. A good place to start your search is through expired domain name services, as they will generally provide all that information on the domain name.

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