Don’t Buy These 3 Muscle Gain Supplements!

Most of the muscle gain supplements out there are complete and utter junk. That may be hard to hear if you’ve already spent a lot of your hard-earned money on them, but it’s something you must realize in order to stop wasting your time and energy. Here are a few of the worst supposed muscle gain supplements that you would do best to avoid Muscles Market

1. Nitric Oxide “Boosters”

These nitric oxide boosters and other so-called “pump” supplements are really taking the muscle gain supplement market by storm. The marketing is very attractive – who doesn’t love a good pump at the gym? The oft-used product images with pumped-up, professional bodybuilders are a huge selling point for this type of product.

Unfortunately, they are pretty much all junk. The marketing of these products usually claims that getting that “super pump” is going to make your workouts and physique results far better. The truth is that your strength gains (the real key to gaining muscle) have nothing to do with your pump. Even if you do want to get that pumped feeling, all you have to do is eat some carbs and drink plenty of water before your workout.

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