The Growing Popularity of Geek Glasses

Geek glasses are everywhere these days. This is of course, somewhat of an irony, since geek eyewear, and geek chic in particular, is a paean to individuality and to a stubborn refusal to blend in with the crowd. Spectacles, which look like they were designed for people who can recite the entire script of the Star Trek franchise, were not supposed to be a mass-market item, and certainly were not supposed to be the current epitome of high fashion. Yet here they are, in many fashion pages and runways, and worn by many celebrities who are all supremely confident that they look good. Actors, musicians, and athletes have come to incorporate them in their images, and increasingly the people on the streets are wearing them as well.

Although some might question a celebrity’s decision to adorn geek styled eyewear, it has to be said that these people actually do look good in their nerdy spectacles. A few famous rock stars of the 20th century may have made geek glasses an iconic fashion item, but now even young fashion conscious people who may not even need prescription glasses are wearing them too, in an effort to look even more appealing to others. Short sighted Hollywood actors are a good example of this; you hardly see a picture of them these days without posing in geeky eyewear. Many rappers and hip-hop artists have now brought this style to the music scene. Just try watching the latest music videos these days without spotting a singer or rap artist adorning a pair of outrageously oversized geek glasses.

Women, who are considered by fashion experts to be the final arbiters of what is cool, have weighed in on the issue as well, and their vote is overwhelmingly pro-geek. It’s strange to think that only around 5 or 6 years ago, any girl seen wearing a pair of ‘nerdy’ looking oversized glasses would have been ridiculed for her odd taste in eyewear. Don’t forget, today’s hip and trendy youngsters were not around in the 1970’s, when this style was last in fashion.

Geeky specs are the hallmark of nerdy people everywhere, and it may be a fitting tribute to be smart enough to know how to choose the proper frame. It’s the frame that defines the ‘geekiness’ of the glasses, and not the thickness of the lenses. In fact, some people even wear them without any lenses at all, a trend that may have been started by Japanese schoolgirls because the lenses interfered with their overly long eyelashes.

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