Traffic From Article Marketing – Using Article Sites

This Article is about leveraging your Article Marketing, so you can get more POWER from your Article.

This will lead to more exposure for you, resulting in more hits and more people coming to your offer, your Blog, Website & Squeeze Page.

The HARDEST part of Article Marketing is not so much thinking about what to write, but actually STARTING. That’s IT.?….OK, hard part OVER. Get started today.

Don’t know what to write about? ~ Write about something you are PASSIONATE about…

TIP…. Write about something, related to the MANY products you wish to SELL.. after all, this is about making money OUI?

Don’t wait to be PERFECT at anything… you will wait an AWFUL long time, and will probably NEVER be PERFECT, and NEVER Start Anything.. Harsh but TRUE!

My articles are nowhere near perfect… but they don’t have to be, as long as people keep reading them, and make good use of the information, WHO CARES?

1) When writing your article, probably 500 – 700 words is about the right length to keep people interested. If your articles are too long, you will be better off dividing them up and making two or more articles, instead of one.

OK, let’s say your NICHE is keeping slim & beautiful. You do some daily research on the Internet and you learn enough about the subject to feel confident about putting it into an article. As we said earlier, don’t wait until you are perfect expert… You WON’T be, you become an expert by doing the things you wish to become an expert in, on a REGULAR basis. So keep writing… EVERY DAY…

When you start to write your article, CRAFT it with sufficiently popular keywords in BOTH the headline & also throughout the body of the Article. Keywords are all important, as you will want your article to be picked up by the search engines and ranked highly, when people are keying in these keywords, into Google.

Saying that.. don’t just make it a list of Keywords, only use these Keywords if they ADD to the quality of Article, don’t use them if they don’t make sense.

I don’t want to go into keyword analytics here but the Google Keyword Tool is a great tool to help you find good keywords to use in your articles for the subject you are writing about.

2) Showcase you Article, on your Blog. Your Blog is your window to the World. It is your central hub to your business. People need to be kept interested, and YOU need them to come back each day, or to subscribe to your blog… Make your article a daily tip and keep people WANTING MORE…

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