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Online marketing and social networking go hand-in-hand. Content shareability and visitor engagement is what counts with search engines.

According to Chuck Sambuchino, in his book “Create Your Writer Platform,” an author’s platform and its ‘reach’ is an important factor when seeking an agent or publisher.

Take note that this is not after a book is published; it’s when the author is looking for a contract.

Sambuchino advised that “the size of your desired book deal” is a factor in the size of your author online network realm. So, if you’re seeking a big-time New York agent or publisher, with a hefty advance, you’ll need to have a hefty social network in place and substantial traffic to your website.

There were five categories mentioned in the book: blog page views; twitter followers; newsletter subscribers; public speaking appearances/audience; and sales of self-published books.

If you’re a new author just joining the writing and publishing ranks, you may be taken aback at the thought of the book marketing strategies that need to be in place before you even have a contract. Well, welcome to the author’s world.

This article will cover the first two categories.

Blog Page Views

Under this category keep in mind that your social networks, including the groups you belong to, play a factor in the numbers. You need to ‘share’ your posts to help bring traffic.

Sambuchino suggests that 20,000 views a month is a notable amount. This is the lowest amount mentioned. Twenty thousand views a month. For most authors this is a significant amount.

If you’re a writer and you’ve been utilizing online marketing to create and build your author platform and presence you know how difficult it is to garner 20,000 blog views a month. It takes a lot of marketing strategies, time, and effort.

So, if you’re at the 20,000 mark, congratulations.

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