Choose the Pool Filter That is Right For Your Pool

Pool filters are essential to maintaining your swimming pools crystal clear look and clean and germ free feel. Don’t allow your swimming pool to become a hotbed of germs and bacteria – which can happen with all those bodies jumping in and out all day. swimming pool filters keep your water from going septic and stops swimmers from getting sick as impurities are filtered out. If you didn’t have a pool filter and you left your pool alone it would turn green and algae would start to form. Catch the germs when you can’t see them by installing a quality pool filter that will suit your swimming pool.

There a variety of pool filters on the market so be informed before making your decision. Three popular types are include Sand Filters, DE Filters and Cartridge Filters. Below is some information on each of these types of filters:

Sand Filters: They are very popular at the moment as they are a basic filter option for ensuring bacteria is being cleaned from the water. The way the sand filters work is that dirty water is pushed into the filter where it is filtered through sand. The dirty water sits on top whilst the clean water is pushed back into the pull. When the swimming filter is full with dirty water it alerts the pool pump which then flushes out the dirt and grime away from your nice clean water. Most companies will sell swimming pool filters and swimming pool pumps together.

DE Filters: DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filters use crushed fossil or coral like substances instead of sand. This substance is often finer than sand and DE filters are more complex filtering systems which is why they produce the cleanest water. The downside is that the filters need replacing more often, which makes this type of filters fiddlier to use.

Cartridge Filters: They are a third option for pool owners. They collects dirt and debris via a system of removable cartridges which can be easily removed and cleaned. They do require more manual maintenance and are suitable for smaller areas shock swimming pool.

Remember that whatever type of filters you choose you need to keep it clean so that it continues to work for you and keep it clean and clear of nasty bugs. Regularly check the filter for any buildup of debris including leaves, dirt or hair.

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