The Balance Between Fashion and Comfort When It Comes to Choosing Shoes

Shoes are very important, clearly, they protect feet from the harsh terrain of everyday life, but over the years, they have come to mean more than simply foot-protection, they tell people a little bit about the kind of person you are. Over the years, shoes have changed significantly due to the twin pressures of culture and fashion – today, they are not only practical, but symbolic too they tell people whether you care about fashion, or whether you have your own style. Jelly shoes are a great example, they are extremely practical for wearing to the beach, but this season, they are also spectacularly current and trendy.

There are many different considerations that must be kept in mind when choosing a good pair of shoes, for example, what style and size should I wear? But there are other important factors too, how many people are aware, for instance, that wearing the wrong shoes can cause all kinds of physical symptoms, including leg cramps, headaches and backache. It is extremely important to wear the right kind of shoes, after all, it is estimated that in a lifetime, a human being will walk an average of 70,000 miles! Imagine doing that with an ill-fitting pair of shoes!

The above paragraph highlights the importance of wearing shoes that strike a good balance between fashion and comfort, there is no point in damaging your feet for the sake of a trend that will only last a couple of months. Some shoes, for example court shoes, are never far from the fashion trend, these make the perfect shoes because in one form or another, they are practically always in fashion, and yet are supremely comfortable. Examples of shoes to avoid are the huge 5-7inch platforms of the 1970’s; many a broken ankle was caused by that formidable shoe. If you want to stay fashionable this season, without sacrificing comfort or fit, then boat shoes will be perfect for you.

Imagine just how many different types of shoe have been in fashion over the years, every generation has its own style and shoes to accompany their style, each of these styles has splinter fashions, or competing fashions (the Mods, Skins and Rockers are a great example of how one generation can create several different fashions).

Across the generations, shoes have been designed in different shapes, with different embellishments, and of different qualities. Shoes have been influenced by gender, culture, economic prosperity…basically, all the many facets of human culture have influenced styles of shoe. In western society today, our fashion tastes are post-modern, we are adapting shoes from yesteryear to suit the present, gladiator shoes, jelly shoes, military boots, riding boots… they have all been popular in the past as well as the present – perhaps if you want to be a trend-setter, you should look for styles that were popular in the past and adapt them to the current fashions, you could just be considered a true entrepreneur if you manage to pull it off!.

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