News on Blue Bloods Series

The new crime and family drama Blue Bloods released by CBS completed assembling the caste after the recent departure of the executive producer as well as show runner Ken Sanzel. For filling this gap, two new producers joined the group. Helmer Fred Keller is now producing and directing show. Linda Gase is also supporting his as a consultant producer. Keller agreed for the deal after directing an episode of the series. Blue Bloods is a cop family drama. Some of the major roles in the series are played by Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg. Selleck is appearing as Frank Reagan, who is the chief of the police department and father of the family. He is also assisted with his eldest son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and youngest son Jamie (Will Estes). Will Estes also got a powerful role in Blue Bloods.

Apart from these roles, Bridget Moynahan is also playing an important role in the series as Erin. She is serving New York as the assistant District Attorney. She sometimes also helps and father and siblings to solve the cases and files.

Mitchell Burgess, Leonard Goldberg and Robin Green are the creators and producers of the series. As the story come with a distinctive story line of the police life, it is earning a lot of popularity between all types of viewers. The series are expected to be released on September 24 on CBS. Blue Bloods will be broadcasted on Friday night at 10:00 PM. The filming and other aspects of the show are running smoothly. Most of the scenes are filmed in and around New York City. It is also dedicated for the Law Enforcement of the city. If you are interested to know more about this show, doing a simple research online can help you.

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