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More and more people are creating their own blogs but not many are aware of how to maximize them. One effective method on how to increase exposure to your blog is to visit other blogs and leave your imprint on them. How do you do this? By blog commenting, leaving a well thought of comment in the blogs that you visit.

Blog commenting though is also an art. You do not just leave “any” comment, like “Great post!” “Good thoughts.” Bloggers consider generic comments as spam. So, how should you comment?

Here are some tips on blog commenting that you should learn:

1. Read the post carefully, before you comment.

Your comment will reflect whether you read every word of the post. Sometimes the content of the written post is the opposite of the title. Never comment just by reading the title. You are a spammer if your comment is not in any way related to the article.

2. Take the trouble to know whose blog you are commenting.

When you address bloggers by their names, they will surely remember you, and would allow your comments to come in. This is true with moderated blogs and blogs are most of the time moderated.

3. Remember that the blogger is not asking for a critique.

If a blogger wanted his work critiqued, then he would have posted it in another venue, i.e. the writing critics circle. A blogger’s usual purpose is only to express himself, so he does not need a grammar police to lecture him on the proper usage of “their” and “there.” Concentrate on the topic presented. Comment not to criticize but to emphasize or delineate.

4. Comment to add more information.

Make your commenting a significant process. Do not just say something, “to say something.” Your comment should have substance. What is the topic all about? Can you contribute additional information? If you can, do not do it condescendingly.

5. Leave a well thought of comment.

The blogger will surely click on your link to know more about the commenter/commentator who wrote a well thought of comment. Your comment must be about the topic at hand and be substantial. What is the author focusing on? Did the message go through? If it did, do not forget to say so. Do you disagree with the author? If you do, then acknowledge first his opinion, and then explain why you do not agree. If you cannot do this properly and civilly, then do not leave any comment. Move on to a blog/topic that you can do so.

Blog commenting is one sure way to advertise your blog. A long, well thought of comment will surely entice the author to get to know you more. Leave those good comments and gain more readers in the process.

Do you know that you can achieve higher search rankings with blog commenting? Blog comments can be an effective link building method if you do it right.

Among all the link building methods, blog commenting is perhaps the most frowned upon. That is because this method has been blatantly abused by many so-called SEO experts. They use automated software to spam nonsensical comments on blogs.

Now the reason why blogs allow comments is to encourage healthy discussions. So comments should be intelligent and relevant to the blog post. Otherwise, it’s considered spam. Using software to post to one thousand innocent blogs with the comments “nice post” is definitely not an acceptable practice. So what then, is an acceptable practice?

Blog commenting is acceptable when the comments are posted by human beings. If you are interested in the post, and genuinely have something to share, then it’s okay to post some comments on the blog. In other words, you are indirectly adding value to the websites with your comments. That is acceptable practice. Once your comments are approved, your links will appear on the blog posts.

Many webmasters are insistent that the links have the “NoFollow” attribute assigned to them, so they are useless for SEO. Bear in mind that comments are not meant for SEO, advertising, and link building. They are meant for discussions. Due to the amount of spam on these blogs, search engines have no choice but to put in some kind of algorithm to help detect spammy links. But if you are commenting as a human writer, you have nothing to worry about. The search engines always reward content that are written by humans for other human readers. Here are 3 simple steps to get higher approval rates for your blog comments.

Step 1: Select only relevant blogs.
Step 2: Post intelligent comments.
Step 3: Write in a personal style.

Step 1: Select only relevant blogs.

Don’t post to hundreds of blogs that are irrelevant to your own website. Select only relevant blogs. You can easily get a list of blog URLs from the search engines.

Step 2: Post intelligent comments.

Please do read the post content before writing any comments. Also, spend some time to see what others have written on the blog post. Whenever possible, try to join in the discussion. Don’t post some kind of off-topic comment. That will just tick people off.

Step 3: Write in a personal style.

Many blogs are personal websites. So writing in a personal style would be ideal. Your goal here is to make new friends and if possible, build a relationship with the bloggers. On the Internet, you need partners to be successful. So write with the intention of building and growing relationships. You wouldn’t spam a friend’s blog would you?

When you follow the tips above, your links will grow naturally in the blogosphere. You will notice your rankings improving gradually in the search engines.

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