Bright Colored Jewelry Tags Along With Fashion Trends

Accessory trends are following the colorful path that many clothing lines created for a bright and vivid look. Perhaps people have donned brilliant colors in reaction to the economic climate, but there is no doubt that bright and mixed colors have become the fashion choice among celebrities and people on the street.

Here are a few tips for budding fashionistas:

  • Adding a splash of color to your wrist is simple when you pick up a bright bracelet or other accessory, which can be very affordable. Soft leather bracelets for women come in a variety of colors and — with a bit of gold plating — will complement your colorful garb without looking gaudy. A little leather on your accessories adds a lot of class to whatever ensemble you wear. Plus high quality leather will last longer than shoddy pieces.
  • For a more down-to-earth look, beaded bracelets will add some color – you can either go with a single bracelet with large beads or a huge bracelet with small beads that wraps around your forearm several times. More than a few celebrities have been seen wearing that wrapped bracelet look, including Janet Jackson who matched her rainbow beaded bracelet with a superhero-style blue nail polish.
  • For the budget-minded consumer (and who isn’t these days?), add colorful accessories to the clothes already in your closet so you can remain in style while keeping a watch on your wallet. Buying a high quality bracelet is still cheaper than buying an entirely new ensemble! If you are afraid to jump straight into the bright-color mania, consider finding a leather bracelet that matches the color of your purse and also has colored crystal stones. It’s a small step toward brilliance, but your comfort with your ensemble should be paramount.
  • While bracelets are always a welcome addition to your closet of fashionable wear, do not underestimate the power of your neck. Trendy necklaces range from the bright and colorful to the classic silver and gold varieties. You don’t even need to pick and choose between these two types, because gold and silver necklaces can provide plenty of color. For example, the Colored Teardrop Stone Pendant Necklace with gold plating and multiple stone colors provides elegance and color to your look. In silver, the Evil Eye necklace wards off back luck with sparkling blue and white crystals — perfect for any ensemble with cool colors.

With all the colors available to supplement your outfit, you are sure to find something that suits your own personal taste and propels your wardrobe’s fashion forward.

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