What to Look for In an Exhibition

When it comes to choosing an exhibition stand design and build company there are a number of important factors you are going to want to take into consideration. Don’t fall into the trap that is seen by so many people which results in you going for the lowest price and yet you don’t receive the complete service that you were hoping for or even deserve for the money you pay.

Yes you will need to set yourself a budget, but there is exhibition stand design and build companies that will provide you with a host of top quality services to make your life a little easier and make taking part in an exhibition a hassle free experience.

The first thing to look for is to see if the exhibition stand design and build company you are looking at will provide you with a full service. Not all companies will provide a complete service, but a complete service can give you peace of mind and make taking part in the exhibition completely hassle free. The service should include everything from the initial concept of the stand to the build, installation, storage and more.

There are a few things you will want to note about the company and the first thing is to look at the stands that they have completed in the past. Are they creative? Are they innovative? Do they stand out compared to other exhibition stands? Identify what makes them appealing and if these re the types of stands you want to promote your company moving forward.

In addition to the exhibition stand design and build stages using in-house designers and lead carpenters, what other services does the company provide? Do they offer a delivery service. Any company you deal with should provide you with the convenience of delivering your stand to the event, which can save you time and money in the long run. They should ensure the stand is ready in time and delivered with plenty of time to spare.

They should send in a team of engineers to set up the stand for you. When it comes to the install, you probably are not going to know how to set the stand up and rather than wasting precious hours on building the stand, you could be working in the office right up to the time you need to attend. Let the company set up the stand for you, so when the team arrives to man the stand it is ready and waiting for them to add their promotional materials and start wowing potential customers.

Further, it may be worthwhile to choose an exhibition stand design and build company that will come in once the exhibition is over and break down he stand for you. This reduces the risk of you causing damage to the stand and eliminates the risk of making this a costly exercise. Of course this again reduces any stress and enables you to finish off the show, pack up your promotional materials and get back to work without taking a second look, knowing with confidence that the company will come in and break down the stand for you.

In some instances, the company may also provide you with a storage solution, which can be very beneficial in eliminating the risk of the stand being damaged while not in use. When you need it again, you simply call the company, they check the stand, delivery, install and break down, the entire process starts all over again.

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